What does a gay horse say? Hhheeeyyy. 
Okey that was a joke and the first time I heard it, it made me laugh but seriously it didn’t hurt no one I guess until now, maybe you. Good. That’s fine. You have that right. Now we have gay marriage in the U.S. so what. Do narrow minded people think that now, everybody going to be gay because of a change in a law? I don’t think so. Quit forcing your belief upon me. Here in America where I’m from I was raised with a big fat lie.  “everyone has a right to purses happiness”  Bull! as long as I tell you what happiness is! I believe you can’t force another person to be honest with you, if they can’t be honest with there self. Let people stand up and voice there opinion with out fear of being prosecuted for there beliefs. So now the American government now  recognize a homosexual marriage. What’s different?  If a spouse of a marriage couple  (heterosexual or not) perish, They would be entitle to there community property. That’s it. This is what the big fuss is all about! I think that’s fair enough. You can’t take it with you when you go anyway. They worked for there money as everyone else does. Now they can support a spouse even after death.  Good. That’s great. Now lets move on!
Be happy being different as long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process of you being happy. Take care of your own business. You have enough to worry about than someone else’s business that you May or May not even know.